The “silent majority” has had it!  Whether misguided or well informed, their reaction is long overdue.  Perhaps they have felt helpless against court decisions that have been equally inappropriate, but the choices to turn Christmas trees into “holiday” trees or to avoid the words “Merry Christmas” sparked a huge reaction.  Some stores quickly restored Christmas to their marketing and customer greetings.  Civic leaders have seen the wisdom of listening to the voters.

            The cynics have expressed their “humbugs.”  What’s wrong with “Happy Holidays?” they ask.  Of course, a small percentage of folks honor other holy days such as Hanukah.  Others observe Kwanza or New Year’s Day, but neither are sacred religious “holy” days; “Seasons Greeting” might be more appropriate for them.  Most of these others recognize that the United States remains a Christian country and happily accept their own minority status.  One group of Jewish people has even organized to protect Christmas!

            Let’s face it.  Nearly all Americans and many in other countries celebrate Christmas.  However, unreligious they may be, nearly everyone knows that Christmas is a Christian holiday; and most have no desire to steal it.  Their reaction to the recent flurry of reports proves it, and those concerned with votes and sales have heard.

            Perhaps, they misinterpreted the vocal minority, a tiny minority at that, to be larger or more influential that they were.  Such is the power of litigation and court decisions, and loud is the voice of another minority, the dominant media, who have been willing accomplices to a secularizing campaign in America.  These activist minorities would prefer to abolish all religion or make it so private as to be irrelevant.  They know that many of their special agendas cannot succeed against the beliefs of strongly religious people.  Everything from evolution to Marxism, radical environmentalism to gay rights, faces the power of believers in creation, traditional values, individual freedom, God and family.  In this, even radical Islamists agree, an irony that challenges the politically correct, multi-cultural agenda.

The cultural elites in education, government, and media regard the “silent majority” that has spoken to be ignorant.  These self-anointed pseudo-sages expect the rest of us to yield to their vision of a secular, technical heaven on earth and to trust them with the future.  Despite the past 50-100 years, during which they have dominated, showing a steady decline in public education, ethics in business and government, and general decency and civility, these secularists would presume to continue their destruction of America.

Yes, further secularization will destroy us.  Not only do they threaten Christmas, they jeopardize the foundations of American freedom.  As a result, schools attempt to teach democracy and freedom without reference to the history or historic documents that created it, for these documents mention God.  Indeed, they credit God with the natural rights that are the very basis for the American Revolution against British tyranny, the creation of the American constitution, and its protection of freedoms, never before recognized in the world.  Think of it, virtually all of the founders believed in the sovereignty of God, like many of the colonial leaders before them.  Their letters and speeches often reminded their audience, then and now, that the American experiment would succeed only with God’s providence and American’s obedience.  Unfortunately, for the elites, it is impossible to teach documented history without seeing the theistic convictions of the patriots who made America.  So, discarding both baby and bath, they seek to rewrite history without their faith in divine providence.

I hope that “Merry Christmas” is the beginning of something more than a backlash.  We need to systematically counter the efforts of the secularizers, not only in the superficial but also in the underlying strategies they have pursued with little opposition.

Understand, I am not proposing a reign of a far right theocracy, as the secularizers like to portray us.  I am recommending a restoration of the great American freedoms originated and intended to be protected by the Constitution.  I am advocating the creation of something greater based on our historic values, on lessons learned under secular dominance, and on the better parts of our modern world, which offers unexplored opportunities for gaining knowledge, human understanding, and open and honest communication.

To succeed, however, the silent majority must not be a passive or ignorant majority.  The powerful would prefer all three— ignorance, passivity, and silence—while they set the agenda for the future.  Whether by ineptness or design, educators have created multitudes of citizens who can’t read, despise reading, and seem to revel in their ignorance.  Television, in particular, and the pop culture propagators in New York, Hollywood and, Nashville have helped train 50 years’ worth of passive couch potatoes, despite their token campaigns to “Get out the vote!”  The “talking heads” have used the volume of electronic media to silence the majority who are not as attractive or skilled in expressing themselves.  Add to them the increasing power of our federal government with its millions of bureaucrats and fellow travelers, and it may seem that “they” control the future.  Yet, the trend seems to be changing, and the majority still have their power to vote.

Seventy percent of Iraqis voted in their recent election.  If 70% of Americans voted, with accurate understanding of American government, prepared with information about candidates and issues, and an attitude like that of those voicing their concerns about Christmas, the majority would no longer be silent.  They would be powerful, and they would control the future.

I say, “Merry Christmas,” but I am thinking so much more.

Oh, by the way, I have one more comment.  Two big issues with Christian conservatives are prayer and abortion.  Regarding the latter, I believe few really informed and educated people with favor abortion or choose to have one.  Our “silence” is more responsible for those millions of abortions than Roe v Wade.  On this issue, we are silent, deferring to the few activists among us, because we have not really learned the facts.  Religious rhetoric or fervor will usually alienate the undecided and, even more, those contemplating abortion.  We need to become more like Paul engaging pagan believers in Athens, who discussed the issues in their place and in their terms.  He reasoned with them; he did not preach at them.  He did not scream at them, and he certainly did not condemn them.  That is what the abortion issue needs, a generation of thinkers who reason with those holding opposing ideas in a spirit of compassion.

Regarding prayer, I have this troubling suspicion that most of the people who support legalizing prayer don’t really do much praying.  What would happen if that “silent majority” started really talking to God?  I don’t mean “fox hole prayers,” those moments of dire emergency when frightened voices have no one else to hear them.  I mean seeking God’s forgiveness, grace, and wisdom.  I am not talking about “Santa Claus prayers,” either with our lists of needs, wants, wishes, and desires, mixing necessity with greed.  I am talking about conversations that involve listening at least as much as speaking, listening with an ear toward direction and obedience.  I am not suggesting selfish prayers either, a difficult qualification in our self-centered age.  I suggest civic-minded prayers for our neighbors, our community, our government, and our world, prayers that seek God’s providential involvement where it is most needed, and prayers that direct the pray-er to work toward the world’s improvement.  This sort of praying guided colonists seeking freedom to this land.  Praying folk like these created the miracle of American freedom that God has blessed.  Such praying is the ultimate key to America’s future.


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