I heard Dr. Dean Edell talking about abortion today.  He was talking about using abortion for sex selection and the concern that more choose to have boys than girls.  He was trying to avoid calling for regulating abortion, although he said, “We can’t ask why a woman wants an abortion/”

Abortion is supposed to be the big “women’s issue.”  You know, its a “woman’s right to choose.”  Yet this “women’s issue” is causing a reduction in the number of women by killing un-born girls.  I’d call that the ultimate “violence against women.”

Supposedly, abortion was to be allowed for health reasons in the first trimester.  The reality is that a baby can be killed even after it is mature enough to live outside the womb through “a certain late term abortion procedure” many prefer to call partial birth abortions.  Neither the health of the child or its mother need be in question.  Abortion has become the ultimate from of birth control.

All of that is fine with those who favor abortion…except if they prefer to abort girls.  All of a sudden, right to privacy, a woman’r right to choose, and other rhetorical phrases don’t matter.  This could be an interesting issue to observe, as it plays out.

The sad thing about abortion is that so much of the discussion is a matter of terminology.  Is it a fetus or an unborn child?  Does life begin at conception or at birth?  Is this the only medical procedure that no one dare regulate?

Science does not support the pro-abortion position, regardless of Dr. Edell’s frequent calls to listen to the scientific evidence on many other matters.  The nature of reproduction is that a new human individual begins when the egg and sperm come together.  Development quickly produces numerious human features, the ability to respond to pain, and viability that is progressively earlier in the pregnancy.  Neo-natal care enables younger and younger babies to survive, putting the lie to to the idea that they are nothing but a “piece of tissue” being removed.  Abortion at this stage is murder, baby-killing, and one of the worst kind of atrocities, showing the deterioration of American culture.

“A woman’s right to choose” sounds so high-minded until you consider that it’s a woman’s right to choose murder, usually for purely selfish reasons.  Of course, that’s what murder is:  the decision to take the life of another deemed less important than one’s own.  I realize there are occasions, relatively few given the number of abortions, where other serious factors such as a danger to the mother’s health occur.  Years ago, former surgeon general Everett Koop said that a physician for a patient with a life-threatening pregnancy had two patients–the mother and the child–and that rarely, if ever, did the child need to be sacrificed.  Compare that to the millions of abortions since Roe v Wade in 1973 (30-40 million or more).

Let’s face it!  Abortion is an ugly business, but a very lucrative business for those who profit from it.  Yet it is the lead issue for most liberal politicos and one of the biggest concerns as judges are appointed to the Supreme Court.  I don’t know how a person makes death seem noble, but the pro-choice, pro-abortion folks surely try.


Blood Money is a film about the abortion business.  One of the ironies of this issues is that people who typically decry “big business” favor abortion, even though it is a very large and profitable, if disgusting, business.

I just finished American Soldier by Tommy Franks.  I highly recommend it.  I am disgusted by the persistant anti-military tone of movies and television.  I am grateful for the men and women who risk their lives to protect us and our freedom and make similar freedom possible for people in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.  Franks wisdom and strategic leadership made an amazing victory possible in both places with remarkably little loss of American lives and even of Iraqi lives.  Of course, the media would rather focus elsewhere and distort the story when the do report it rather than give President Bush any credit for success.  Reading Frank’s book will help balance the perspective of those who rely on their biased reporting.

The matter of why we get distortion and propaganda is the subject of Goldberg’s book.  Sadly, people will know the truth only if they read, or someone who reads tells them.


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