No, this is not about the rich being unable to get to heaven.  It is about another dilemma that seems nearly as unlikely to have a successful conclusion.  The question of how to deal with the growing, worldwide population of Muslims is, indeed, a serious one, especially when you consider the that only Muslims seek our destruction.  Clearly, not all or even a majority of Muslims are engaged in this effort.  Just as clearly, the supposed moderate Muslims are remarkably silent in the opposition to the radicals, including those, right here in the United States.

            Since 9/11, I have insisted that our response must be more than a war of annihilation, but I don’t doubt that will be the likely demand to another major terrorist attack, the one that, all the expects warn us, is inevitable.  My Christian school students, the boys anyway, wanted to “Nuke ‘em,” back in 2001!  I don’t think most Americans are blood-thirsty; but like any “sleeping dog,” they will bite, if they’re kicked often enough.

           I think it was August 22, 2003 when Rush Limbaugh said, “You can’t have peace till you win the war.”  Back then I wrote, regarding the “Limbaugh Doctrine.”

“Rush is wrong!  Winning doesn’t make peace.  Any victory has seeds, often well sprouted, of the next war.  As long as people hate, true peace is unlikely.  Two wars were won in Europe, yet the Balkans still boil with resentments.  As an answer to Rush, I offer Roger’s Doctrine:  “You can’t have peace until enemies are friends.”  Only by ending animosity is real peace possible.”

            President Bush agrees.  He has worked hard to direct humanitarian efforts in places like Afghanistan, and it has been effective.  One of my refugee students is an Afghani, and he loves the United States and hopes to be a citizen.  Regrettably, up against the ideas of radical Islamists, rebuilding and helping the people is quite enough.  So, I was pleased to learn of an effort to reach out to Muslims with the Gospel, but in a way much more likely to work, given the realities of Islamic cultures and religious training.

            Kevin Greeson, in his “Camel Training Manual,” uses the Qu’ran as a starting place and avoids using words like Christian or even Jesus.  Instead, he speaks of Isa and refers to Islamic converts as MBBs (Muslim-Background Believers).  I am sure Greeson’s method will have no lack of detractors, but this is a culturally sensitive tactic that avoids the typical hostility of man Muslims to anything Christian.

            You can get a taste in this report:  “Millennium event–Hundreds of thousands of Muslims follow Jesus—Part 1 and Part 2.  Here is another encouraging review.  Although I haven’t seen evidence of the objections given, here is an expression of concern.

           Christian believers need to recall that, however much we want our families and our nation to be safe, achieving security is not our first duty.  The Catechism’s oft-quoted explanation of man’s chief end is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  The Great Commandment says, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and all your mind….And, love your neighbor as yourself.”  In this global community that is our modern world, Muslims are surely our neighbors, and loving them means leading them to Christ, not destroying them!  Muslim evangelism requires patience, but the Camel Method offers a method that has already demonstrated it’s success.  I hope you will look into it and pray for those using it, even at their own personal risk.  I know one Christian school that is having their students read it, which is how I learned of it.  Is it a key for reaching Islamic believers right here?  I think it deserves serious consideration.


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